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PRINTS - £19.50 each
2 PRINTS FOR - £30.00
3 PRINTS FOR - £40.00

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .

CARDS - £1.80 each
4 CARDS - £6.00
8 CARDS - £12.00
12 CARDS - £18.00 


Print Collection
Open edition print mounted and packaged ready for display. Product size: 10" x 12"
Trade price per unit: £8.00 RRP: £19.50          Mini wooden easel: 50p each
SPECIAL OFFER     With every 2 prints ordered... get 1 FREE
Please add the titles of each free print within the "Comments/Questions" box on the following page.

Card Collection
Cards are packaged individually ready for display and sold in multiples of 6. Product size: 105 x 150mm
Trade price per unit: 75p RRP: £1.80

Minimum Trade Order : £50 (excluding postage and packaging)
Free Delivery On Trade Orders Over : £100

The Designs Leaflet, Print Order Form and Card Order Form are all available for you to print out should you need them for your records or prefer to post your trade order.


Cat Collection Product Code   Price Quantity
Bubble & Squeak PC02 Print £8.00
Cat Nap PC03 Print £8.00
Cat 'n' Reel PC04 Print £8.00
Playtime PC09 Print £8.00
Pop Socks PC10 Print £8.00
Sunday Papurrs PC12 Print £8.00
Dog Collection        
Catching Shadows PD01 Print £8.00
Caught in the Act PD02 Print £8.00
Growing Pains PD07 Print £8.00
Happy Chappy PD08 Print £8.00
I Blame The Government! PD09 Print £8.00
Lazy Sunny Days PD11 Print £8.00
Please Play PD14 Print £8.00
Snooze Time PD16 Print £8.00
Table Service PD17 Print £8.00
That Monday Feeling PD18 Print £8.00
Farm Collection        
Berry Picker PF01 Print £8.00
I'm all Ears PF03 Print £8.00
Keep your nose clean PF04 Print £8.00
Mothering Ewe PF05 Print £8.00
Horse Collection        
Best Friends PH02 Print £8.00
Distraction PH03 Print £8.00
Fringe Benefits PH05 Print £8.00
Hot to Trot PH06 Print £8.00
Inquisitive PH07 Print £8.00
Nosey Parker PH09 Print £8.00
Wildlife Collection        
Do not disturb PW02 Print £8.00
Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow PW03 Print £8.00
Nut's, Who Said Nut's PW04 Print £8.00
Twit-a-Who PW09 Print £8.00

Mini wooden easel     0.50


Baby Collection Product Code   Price Quantity
First Snuggle CB01 Card £0.75
Smiler CB02 Card £0.75
Tiny Toes CB03 Card £0.75
Cat Collection    
Bag Puss CC01 Card £0.75
Bubble & Squeak CC02 Card £0.75
Cat Nap CC03 Card £0.75
Cat 'n' Reel CC04 Card £0.75
Cream Crackered CC05 Card £0.75
Knit one, Purrrl one CC06 Card £0.75
Lean on Me CC07 Card £0.75
Peeping Tom CC08 Card £0.75
Playtime CC09 Card £0.75
Pop Socks CC10 Card £0.75
Sweet Dreams CC11 Card £0.75
Sunday Papurrs CC12 Card £0.75
Wrapped in Ribbon CC13 Card £0.75
Dog Collection    
Catching Shadows CD01 Card £0.75
Caught in the Act CD02 Card £0.75
Collared CD03 Card £0.75
Doodle Dandy CD04 Card £0.75
Forever Faithful CD05 Card £0.75
Great Expectations CD06 Card £0.75
Growing Pains CD07 Card £0.75
Happy Chappy CD08 Card £0.75
I Blame The Government! CD09 Card £0.75
In The Dog House CD10 Card £0.75
Lazy Sunny Days CD11 Card £0.75
New Balls Please CD12 Card £0.75
Paws Off CD13 Card £0.75
Please Play CD14 Card £0.75
Snooze Buddies CD15 Card £0.75
Table Service CD17 Card £0.75
That Monday Feeling CD18 Card £0.75
Those Puppy Dog Eyes CD19 Card £0.75
Farm Collection    
Berry Picker CF01 Card £0.75
Edinburgh Fringe CF02 Card £0.75
I'm all Ears CF03 Card £0.75
Keeping Your Nose Clean CF04 Card £0.75
Mothering Ewe CF05 Card £0.75
Peek a Boo CF06 Card £0.75
Three of a Kind CF07 Card £0.75
Horse Collection    
A Tender Moment CH01 Card £0.75
Best Friends CH02 Card £0.75
Distraction CH03 Card £0.75
Eyes on the Prize CH04 Card £0.75
Fringe Benefits CH05 Card £0.75
Hot to Trot CH06 Card £0.75
Inquisitive CH07 Card £0.75
Neighbourhood Watch CH08 Card £0.75
Nosey Parker CH09 Card £0.75
Reflection CH10 Card £0.75
The Joker CH11 Card £0.75
Wishful Thinking CH12 Card £0.75
Wildlife Collection    
Bright Eyes CW01 Card £0.75
Do Not Disturb CW02 Card £0.75
Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow CW03 Card £0.75
Nut's, Who Said Nut's CW04 Card £0.75
River Patrol CW05 Card £0.75
Riverside Dining CW06 Card £0.75
The Hat Rack CW07 Card £0.75
The Lookout Post CW08 Card £0.75
Twit-a-Who CW09 Card £0.75
Payment options    
Invoice option available for existing customers only  

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