Wrapped In Ribbon – New Cat Card Design For 2015

Photo Competition – Cats At Play… Winner Number 2   “Wrapped In Ribbon”

Thank you to Nicki Bailey for allowing me to use this lovely photograph which captures Dotti at play.

Photo Comp Winner - Nicki Bailey - Dotti

Comp Winner - Nicki (Stage 1)  Comp Winner - Nicki (Stage 2)  Comp Winner - Nicki (Stage 3)

The photograph was perfect to copy from as I could easily see every detail in that wonderful coat of hers.  Needless to say, it took a few more hours behind the drawing board to get this little kitten onto paper.  It took about 27 hours in total but well worth the effort.

As with, “Lean On Me” and all of the other portraits that I have done specifically for my card collection, this was drawn onto an A4 sheet of medium surface cartridge paper using a mixture of 2b to 5b pencils.

Colin Leonard’s design, the final of the three winning photo’s, will follow later on in the year.  I introduce eight new designs in the Spring of each year.  Colin’s will be joined by seven other new card designs early in 2016.  That all seems like a million miles away but with the January Sale being such a success I only have just under two months to fill with portrait bookings before the Christmas commissions start flooding in.

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