My first A1 size pencil portrait

What a hectic couple of months that has been, the last of which was spent drawing a huge pencil portrait of a tree never-the-less… can you still call it a portrait when the subject in question is a tree?

Anyway, I thought my concentration levels were going to dwindle towards the end but surprisingly it was the exact opposite. I would go as far as to say it was quite therapeutic… it would have been even more so if it wasn’t for the strict deadline!

It all started way back in January of this year when I was commissioned to draw an A4 size portrait of…

Tree Photo

The main reason for the drawing on this occasion, was for it to be used within a new letter head design.  As an A4 portrait it looked great but seeing it reduced in size as part of a logo (for want of a better description) well, it looked simply stunning.

A couple of months later, I had second request emailed through that I couldn’t resist and the challenge was set… The same tree drawn onto an A1 sheet.

I can’t remember ever drawing anything on such a large scale, not even at school.  I must admit, secretly I was very nervous about the whole idea.  Not due to whether or not I could draw it but more concerns about the practical side of things.

I use an A1 size drawing board every working day so that wasn’t a problem.  It was more things like sourcing the paper… surprisingly not the easiest, storing the portrait while it was in progress and the thing I had most kittens about was packaging the portrait safely for it’s travels through the postal network.

Believe it or not, it took me well over an hour to get it ready for sending.  The heavy weight paper that I use isn’t very forgiving if handled without the utmost care.  After spending four weeks working on such an intense project the thought of slightly creasing or marking the commission while trying to roll it up into a tube was almost unbearable.  Thankfully my patience rewarded me and it arrived safe and sound the very next day.

Needless to say, my client was very happy with the finished result, equally was I.

Tree Photo A1 Tree Commission A1 - Tree Commission




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