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Card Design Photo Competition

Well that’s another Facebook photo competition done and dusted.  This latest one was to find another horse image to add to the collection…

Horse Photo Competition Poster 2014

Like with all of the previous photo competitions that I have run, the amount of entries has been mind blowing.  It’s very flattering indeed that so many people want to take part.

The winning photograph (or on this occasion, the winning photographs, as it proved impossible to select just one!) will be hand drawn and reproduced as high quality A6 blank cards.  They will then be officially released on sale for the beginning of 2015.

These are the two lucky winners for this competition…

Horse Competition Winner - Jade Storey - Tasy      Horse Competition Winner - Hannah Bown - Finn

I love drawing eye’s, always have done.  I couldn’t resist Jade’s photo of Tasy and can’t wait to draw her.  All of that detail will be fantastic to get my teeth into!  Also, I haven’t got a close up, cropped design within the Horse Collection as yet, so I thought well worth giving it a go.

Hannah’s photo of Finn also stood out from the crowd.  Despite it being the typical horse head shot that you tend to see on cards and prints here, there and everywhere… there’s something in his expression that grabbed me.  Those eye’s look like they have a story to tell which is right up my street.

I had hoped to draw Tasy this week but portrait commissions come first.  I had a last minute booking request a couple of weeks ago so the card images have had to go on the back burner for a while.  Not for too long though I hope, as I still have two new cat images to find and draw before the Christmas commission rush starts which is usually sometime in August.  Could be a bit of a squeeze as I’m already fully booked with portraits up until the end of July.

Busy, busy, busy… just the way I love it!

Memorial Portraits

I often get asked to draw portraits of people and pets who are longer with us.

Although they are harder to do, emotionally, they are such an honour to draw… knowing that your work will be the perfect reminder of such a special person or animal.  Something that will be treasured forever.

By far the toughest commissions that I have done over the years are of new born babies who have either been still born or who have died shortly after birth.

These portraits usually involve trying to draw the baby, ignoring any medical equipment or skin discoloration.  It’s hard as I always draw people exactly how they are in the photographs that I’m given.  I don’t like to try and imagine what they might look like behind tubes and wires.  In these cases I always offer to scan the drawing while it’s in progress, giving the parents every opportunity to add changes where they feel it’s necessary.

It’s strange, but after the initial glace at the photo’s I’m sent, I usually don’t notice all the distressing aspects of it.  That may sound wrong and I don’t mean it to… the point I’m trying to get a cross is that I see the the baby as he or she would have been if it wasn’t for the tragic circumstances.  Content and healthy.

I often talk to them too while I’m drawing them… may be that’s just my way of dealing with it.  And when I hear from the grateful parents after they have received their finished portrait, I usually shed a tear or two… I’m only human, after all.